Portfolio website screenshot

The initial design was a layout for the landing page for the website, this was done in Figma.

It helped with speeding up the development as I didn't need to come up with a design on the fly.

I choose to design it as simple as possible to focus more on the content rather than a fancy design.

See the figma file here: https://www.figma.com/file/uppvhLh6Cka4TXYrWBGiMa/Portfolio-site?node-id=0%3A1


This website was developed with Svelte and Sapper. I added Sapper mainly because of routing, but it also provides other convenient features such as: server-side rendering and code-splitting which is something I will be using in future projects.

This project was deployed on Zeit.co.


I made 3 reusable components for this project.

Header: The header is the one on the top of the page with the logo and navigation links.

Contact: The contact module at the bottom of the lannding page.

Projects Summary: It's a component to display a picture of the project, a summary and a button to take the user to the project page. It's used at the landing page, but also in the project page to display a picture to the left and a text to the right. The component is fully responsive.

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