PokeIdle is a pokemon idle game where the player can level up their pokemons through questing, collect coins in the quests and trade the coins for pokemons.

This was a group project done with 2 other people.

I was mainly responsible for the sign up page, the sign in page and authentication. I did some work on other parts of the project such as state management, design, css, hosting, database management, and I helped the other members of the group with their tasks.

Test the game here: https://pokeidle.web.app/

Github repository: https://github.com/notCactus/PokeIdle

Technologies used

Framework: React

Authentication: Firebase

Hosting: Firebase

Database: Firebase


A whiteboards with PokeIdle designs

The designs in the images are for the different PokeIdle pages. These designs were designed, discussed and accepted by all of the group members.

This cleared up the layout of the game and made it easy to know exactly what needed to be done. If you didn't know how something should look like you could always go back to this picture to remind yourself.


The features I was mainly responsible for were the sign up, sign in and authentication.

However, I also did a lot of other things in the project (other members were involved in these things as well) such as: state management, design, css, hosting and database management.

  • Sign up - 0:00
  • Questing - 0:27
  • Shop - 0:58
  • Profile - 1:52
  • Sign out, Sign in - 2:35
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